An On the Spot Advice Session is designed to address your most significant financial concerns quickly and cost-effectively. Our job is to help you weigh your options so you can make wise money decisions.


This session is ideal if you have one or two issues and want trusted advice from someone who puts your interests first and doesn’t sell financial products. Keep in mind that it is a limited scope engagement. Therefore, due to the short time frame, you’ll need to pick your most pressing issues and prioritize them so we can make the most of our time together.


Please note that an On the Spot Advice Session should not be considered a replacement for detailed planning and written reports are usually not provided. For most people, an On the Spot Advice Session will not give us adequate time to conduct retirement income planning or to provide investment analysis and recommendations.


We can determine if an On the Spot Advice Session is right for you after we have our introductory phone call. If it is, we will provide you with a Service Agreement that includes a quote for services to be provided.  The Service Agreement must be executed before the session is scheduled.


An On-the-Spot Advice Session can be customized for each client and pricing starts at $570. This is based on an allowance of approximately 3 hours for the engagement, consisting of approximately 30 minutes for Mary to prepare for the session,  60 to 90 minutes for the actual working session and another 60 to 90 minutes for Mary to summarize the session and/or provide follow up information.


Schedule an introductory phone call with Mary Deshong-Kinkelaar, CFP® by sending her an online message or calling 800-716-0674.