Early Look on Health Exchange Premium Costs and Insurance Participation

Early Look on Health Exchange Premium Costs and Insurance Participation

health insurance exchangesInformation on Premium Costs and Insurance Participation for Health Exchanges: Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Early Look Report

The new health insurance exchanges set to open October 1, 2013 under the Affordable Care Act, there are many questions that people have on this topic. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has been providing information on the topic and recently released a report  that provides some early insight into the new health insurance marketplaces. You can access the report from there website post here: An Early Look at Premiums and Insurer Participation in Health Insurance Marketplaces, 2014

or you can download it here: REPORT: An early look at premiums and participation in health insurance marketplaces, 2014. 

As the report states,

This report presents an early look at insurer participation and exchange premiums –both before and after tax credits –for enrollees in the 17 states plus the District of Columbia that have publicly released comprehensive data on rates or the rate filings submitted by insurers.  These include eleven states operating their own exchanges and seven defaulting to a federally-facilitated exchange. Plan availability and premiums for all states are expected to be available by October 1.

Ohio is one of the 17 states reviewed in the report, but Illinois is not. In the coming weeks, more information will be hitting the news as these exchanges prepare to open.

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